3 Reasons Why Buying Pre Owned is Better for the Environment

If there’s something you need or want but you want to keep it as economical as possible, what’s your first go-to strategy? Chances are that buying it secondhand is toward the top of your list.

As it turns out, it isn’t only your wallet that benefits when you buy pre owned items. The whole planet owes you a debt of gratitude. You can incorporate retail therapy into your Earth Day 2020 celebration because buying preloved luxury items helps the environment in several ways.

1. Conserving Materials

Every item you buy is a combination of materials that had to come from somewhere. In far too many cases, those materials came from limited resources within our planet. Did you know there are fossil fuels in most types of plastic?

Even when limited resources aren’t actual ingredients in an item’s materials, they can still be compromised. For instance, growing crops for natural ingredients often involves harmful pesticides, adding pollution to the air, and using valuable water.

When you buy second hand, of course, there are no new materials so you spare the environment from that damage.

2. Minimizing Harmful Production Practices

When a manufacturer produces a new item, it isn’t only the materials that can harm the planet. The process of turning those materials into the finished product often puts the ecosystem at risk too.

While every product is different, manufacturing typically uses extensive amounts of energy thanks to all the machinery involved in modern factories. This uses precious resources while typically adding serious pollution to the environment. None of this happens when you buy the item preowned.

3. Skipping the Recycling Process

Many people choose not to sell or donate their items to second hand retailers because they recycle the items instead, and they believe that this saves the planet from the damage of tossing the items into a landfill. This might be well-intentioned, but it isn’t as effective as many people think.

Recycling is better than trashing your items, but the recycling process still causes some amount of harm to the ecosystem. It requires energy and, in most cases, not all of the materials are recyclable so there is some amount of waste.

The better choice is to participate in a secondhand market, supporting them by both buying and selling your items from them, to take all that waste out of the equation.

Serving Your Pocket and the Planet by Shopping Preowned

Whether you call it preowned, preloved, or secondhand, the fact is the same: giving existing luxury items a new life is a great way to protect the planet from the damage a new item can cause.

To enjoy some online shopping while making an eco-conscious choice, start with our online preowned shop today.