How E-commerce Has Changed Due to the Global Pandemic

It’s not too soon to say that the global pandemic has been 2020’s defining moment, and the ripple effects could last well into the rest of the decade if no viable treatment or vaccine is found.

Even though we are more than six months into the virus outbreak, the situation is rapidly evolving. Shoppers are generally avoiding public places, and naturally, there’s been a drop-off in brick-and-mortar shopping, as customers move online.

However, the shift online has forced brands to adapt and up their game to meet those changing needs. So let’s take a closer look at how e-commerce has changed, and why you need to be more careful than ever before in the increasingly online world.

COVID-19 Outbreak Drives Up E-commerce Shopping Online

Coronavirus has made its way into 215 sovereign territories since the initial outbreak back in 2019. Given the truly worldwide nature of the pandemic, it’s altering shopping behaviors on a global scale.

With stores closed almost across the board, those looking for many items have had no other option but to turn to e-commerce as a solution. The statistics are quite remarkable. Overall, e-commerce websites generated almost 22 billion visits in June 2020, up from 16.07 billion global visits in January 2020. That’s an increase of 1 billion visits per month!

But that doesn’t mean it’s plain sailing for either online retailers or the customers themselves.

Global Pandemic Presents Challenges to the E-commerce Sector

From the retailer’s perspective, while the increase in demand is welcome, it has placed a strain on many companies trying to cope. Supply chains were disrupted due to travel being suspended within many countries for an extended period of time. Not only were products taking longer to make their way from a factory to an online store’s warehouse, but shipping times to customers worldwide have been elongated too.

By contrast, on the customer side of the equation, there has been an alarming rise in online scams during the first six months of 2020. Some countries are reporting that online fraud has increased by as much as 66% this year. This increase in online crime is making customers wary of the online shopping experience. This is especially the case in the luxury goods market, where trust means everything. 

The challenges facing those operating in the e-commerce sector has forced online retailers to up their game. At eLADY, that’s precisely what we have done. 

Global Pandemic Forces Online Stores to Step Up Their Game – And eLADY Has Responded

As mentioned, there have been all kinds of challenges that have emerged due to the pandemic driving customers online to search for products they wish to buy. Here at eLADY, we have stepped to the plate by reassuring that our shipping partners will continue shipping as usual throughout the pandemic.

Your continues support is very important to us, so we have worked hard on our website to build and develop trust with you, our customers. to ensure that you feel safe buying from us and that you feel secure when going to our checkout page.

With our commitment to meet and overcome the pandemic’s challenges, you can feel safe shopping with the world’s leading online retailer of pre-loved, authentic luxury goods.

Check out the new storefront to begin your new redesigned online luxury shopping experience.