Authentic LV bag: How to Read the Date Stamp

Louis Vuitton bags are the epitome of style and sophistication, something that most luxury fashion lovers are aware of. Their popularity has also given rise, however, to a market of fake LV items that are often hard to distinguish from the real ones.

In a previous article where we dived into the topic of self-authenticating a vintage Louis Vuitton bag, we mentioned the importance of date codes. Date codes play a crucial part in distinguishing a vintage pre-owned LV item from a fake one. There is, however, more detail that goes into play when it comes to reading a Louis Vuitton date stamp.

male model wearing a vintage Louis Vuitton bag

But, what are Date Stamps?

Louis Vuitton, a brand synonymous with quality and exclusivity, utilizes a unique system of date codes to authenticate its products. These are basically a combination of letters and numbers, providing key information about the manufacturing date and factory of the item.

Although the existence of the date stamp is considered crucial in verifying the authenticity of a LV bag, it is important to note that not all authentic Louis Vuitton bags are marked with a date stamp. That usually depends on their manufacture year or state of condition, especially in the case of pre-owned luxury bags.

In addition, many fake Louis Vuitton items do include a date stamp, and that is where understanding how to read them is deemed crucial.  

Deciphering the Date Stamp

The Louis Vuitton date code is typically found on a leather tab inside the bag. Though the location may vary depending on the model of the bag, it is commonly placed near the seam or inside a pocket. The code comprises a two-letter manufacture code followed by a four-digit number. The letters represent the location where the item was manufactured, while the numbers indicate the production date. For instance, a date code reading ” AR2107″ would signify that the bag was made in factory of code “AR”in the 20th week of 2017.

Tips on how to read the LV Date Stamps

Research Manufacture Codes

Familiarize yourself with the two-letter manufacture codes used by Louis Vuitton, such as A1,A2,AR,AS,BA,CA,CE,CT,FH,FL,SA,SD,SR,etc.

Verify Production Period

Cross-reference the date code with the Louis Vuitton production period for the specific model you are examining. This information can be crucial in ensuring that the date code aligns with the product’s release date.

Early to middle 1980s: Usually these models do not have a date stamp. Do not worry though, as that does not imply that these items are not authentic.

Middle to late 1980s:  There was the appearance of [A1] and [A2]. The number of digits would be 5-6, which facilitated the product management within the LV brand.

1990s-2006: Two letters were typically followed by four numbers. The letters stood for the manufacture code and the numbers represented the month and year of production. Example: SP0919

SP0919 date code of authentic LV vintage bag

2007-2021: A combination of digits and letters. The main difference is that the second number presented the production week instead of month.  Example:AR2107

AR2107 date code preowned LV bag

2021 till now: Date stamps have been replaced with RFID chip.

The world of luxury fashion also requires some knowledge for serious sustainable shopping. Reading Louis Vuitton date stamps is a learned skill that proves useful for those who want to invest in authentic luxury LV bags.  Of course, always remember to purchase from certified and trustworthy sellers who can guarantee the authenticity of the items. Be sure to check our Louis Vuitton collection on GLOBAZONE ELADY and start your journey of luxury fashion today.