Is Loud Luxury a Sustainable Trend?

The luxury industry has been taking central stage when it comes to promoting ethical fashion. Despite various trends coming and go, environmentally sustainable fashion is here to stay also in 2024.

What are the new trends?

When talking about ethical luxury fashion, the first thing that may come to mind is quiet luxury trend. However, another common luxury trend that has been popping up in recent years is loud luxury, which is quite the opposite of the so-called minimalist style.

What is Loud Luxury?

If quiet luxury is all about keeping it simple and ‘silent’, loud luxury is about making noise. Wearing style in a bold way, without hesitating to showcase your unique, grandiose personality.
Examples include bags with extravagant logos, glowing parts etc. For a more detailed explanation of the differences between loud vs quiet luxury, you may read our relevant article.

The Benefits of Loud Luxury

Being on the other end of the spectrum compared to minimalism, loud luxury is the perfect trend for those who want to step out of the crowd and stand out in their own personal way. Dare to be different and wear your style loud. By adopting the loud luxury trend, you are one step closer to becoming your most stylish self.

female model wearing a vintage luxury brand

Can Loud Luxury then, still be Ethical Fashion?

Although this ‘noise’ style may give an extravagant impression, it is not equal to fast fashion. While fast fashion is about being extravagant in quantity, loud luxury is still about quality. Luxury fashion is, after all, a highlight of high craftmanship and wise material selection. It is about the art of style.

Adding to the benefits of loud luxury style, you can still follow the ethical fashion journey while:

  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Showing your unique personality
  • Combining various, contradicting fashion elements
  • Being ‘big’ in fashion
  • Staying fearless

    Luxury fashion has many different paths and is adaptable to the various needs of every individual. While minimalism is a great way to be elegant and ethical, loud luxury is another sustainable fashion trend which is perfect for the avant-garde fashionista. On eLady GLOBAZONE we offer a wide selection of vintage luxury items, for all tastes. Be fearful and take a look today, stay in style!