Loud Luxury vs Quiet Luxury Trend in 2024

When it comes to vintage designer handbags, there are always some classics that stay solid among the interchangeable trends through the years.  There has been some noise lately, however, that we have stepped in a new era leaving minimalism and subtle fashion behind. In other words, that the long-adored quiet luxury trend might soon be dying out.

The end of subtle fashion?

On one side, the fashion trend of quiet luxury is an aesthetic that focuses on subtlety and elegance, as part of the overall minimalist movement that through the quiet luxury trend was also expressed on style and accessories.

Quiet luxury has been in the charts for quite some time now, embraced by fans of vintage luxury and sustainability fashion. It remains inextricably linked with secondhand market and environment lovers and kept showing a peak rise until 2023.

vintage luxury accessories, cartier

The emergence of Loud Luxury

On the different end of the spectrum, there has also been a constant rise in the trend of loud luxury. As the name suggests, loud luxury is all about flashy colors, oversized items and bold style. An example of this would be Dior Book Tote Bag, with its outstanding bold brand logo.

pre-owned dior book tote bag

Loud Luxury is…making noise

The swift of this fashion trend is likely connected to the necessity of making a personal statement through one’s unique style without the fear of standing out, loudly. Fashion is, after all, about writing history on a social as well as individual level. The Loud luxury trend is a good reminder that fashion is more rather than just decoration.

What about Quiet Luxury then?

Along with the emerging trend of loud luxury, the minimalist aesthetic that the quiet luxury trend conveys is still strongly present in the fashion world of 2024, with Celine being the main expression of this luxury trend.

As a reaction to the rise of loud luxury, quiet luxury, or what is also known as ‘stealth wealth’ is the elite person’s way of staying fashionable by wearing minimal designs and subtle accessories. Silence against noise.

The new fashion trend of 2024 is…

With two opposing ends in the fashion world, one might get lost as to where their personal preference should stand. We believe that in such a wide world such as fashion, an individual should aim to look for their own unique individual style and stick to the trends that best fit their personality.

As mentioned in our article regarding the trends of vintage designer bags in 2024, there can definitely be opposing trends that co-exist during a certain era, for example mini-sized bags vs overside tote ones.

Despite the constant changes among fashion trends, the vintage luxury world has options for everyone who wishes to up their style. On GLOBAZONE ELADY we offer a vast variety of vintage designer bags as well as luxury accessories. Follow your luxury passion, check our wardrobe today.