Vintage Designer Bags in 2024, What’s Trending?

Vintage luxury handbags are a never-die, all time investment that every fashion lover seeks to have. Each year stands as a test of their quality craftmanship and high-end art that was put into their making. This is enough of a reason to opt for a luxury bag that not only adds to your style but will stay in your wardrobe intact for a long time.

Despite their timeless appeal, however, vintage designer bags also go through fashion cycles. The emergence of quiet luxury stands as a great example of this. There are always new items that come into the fashion scene and influence luxury trends in various ways.

So, what would be the luxury fashion trend for vintage handbags in 2024?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular designer bag trends that are currently trending, plus 3 items that represent them. Although these vintage luxury bags are all-time favorite models, there are a few more reasons why you may want to consider them as your new investment.

Luxury fashion, the large size

The necessity for bags that are not only elegant but also functional, has brought about a newer style of designer bags that are particularly bigger than usual.

What could be better than the popular Ferragamo Tote Bag? Tote style luxury bags play a significant role in the unfolding fashion of 2024. This is why we could not omit the this all-time classic tote bag from the list which combines elegance and sophistication. The Ferragamo Tote model is a functional vintage bag, suitable for all tastes and personal style. In 2024 it still remains a fashion icon.

vintage ferragamo large size bag

Luxury fashion, the mini-sized

Although on the opposite end of the spectrum, mini bags can also be quite practical when it comes to daily life. A small but fashionable bag that can fit the absolute basics and be combined with everything; it remains classic minimalist choice.

Mini bag lover? Look no further than Gucci Horsebit 1955 Minimodel: another popular IT girl bag which has been already loved by many influencers. What makes it stand out in particular is the various ways that it can be applied in individual fashion, enhancing one’s unique style. 

vintage Gucci Horsebit 1955 Minimodel

Asymmetrical Luxury Style

Slowly opting away from the traditional, strict shapes that most vintage designer bags are known to have, there is a luxury fashion tendency for something unconventional that has been found in asymmetry.

A perfect example for this is the Hermes Kelly 20 Chaotic Handbag Epson Etoupe model, a sweet point of unconventional elegance:

Hermes Kelly 20 Chaotic Handbag Epson Etoupe vintage model

Dive into Luxury Fashion

The sea of bags that will be most loved this new year is endless; If you are lost on what would be the best pre-owned designer bag to invest in 2024, take a look at our updated collection of on GLOBAZONE, and we have you covered.