Celebrating 20 Years of Delivering Authenticity You Can Trust

Here at eLADY, we’ve been providing customers with 100% authentic preloved designer goods for 20 years! From bags to jewelry, watches, and everything in between, it’s been our pleasure to serve thousands of individuals over the course of our 20-year history.

Of course, without guaranteed authenticity, our products would mean very little to our prospective buyers. So how exactly do we ensure that the products are the real thing?

The eLADY Authenticity Process

eLADY is in the fortunate position of having 20 years of experience when it comes to evaluating products for their authenticity. As technology has improved, counterfeiters have improved their offerings to produce items that are not immediately distinguishable from their genuine counterparts.

That’s why we have a team of experts to thoroughly inspect every item we receive to ensure its 100% authentic before we list the product in question on our website. We’ve developed our knowledge in partnership with the International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition to produce a patent-pending anti-counterfeiting solution for luxury goods. All of our items are scrutinized by expert authenticators and come with a full, lifetime, money-back guarantee regarding authenticity.

But you may be thinking, why does such a solution need to be in place? The answer is counterfeiting continues to grow despite the best efforts of luxury brands.

Counterfeiting Continues to Increase Within Luxury Goods

Despite the best efforts of luxury brand names, trade in fakes or counterfeit products come to a value of $4.5 trillion a year, with luxury brands accounting for 60% to 70% of that amount. Luis Vuitton employs more than 60 lawyers and spends up to $20 million each year on anti-counterfeiting legal action alone.

Without professionals dedicated to proving authenticity and uncovering fake luxury goods, customers are the ones who pay the ultimate price. When shopping online, it’s even harder for the customer to be sure that they’re receiving genuine merchandise. With up to 40% of fake luxury goods sold online, you need a solution you can trust.

Receive Authenticity Training from the Experts

For years, eLADY has been a global leader and a pioneer in anti-counterfeiting. We have provided authentication training to hundreds of recycle shops and pawn shops in Japan, specializing in pre-owned luxury brand items.

As part of our 20th-anniversary celebrations, we have now opened up our industry-leading authenticity training to various businesses interested in eliminating counterfeit items from the marketplace.

Our authenticity service includes training, real-time support delivered via video conferencing technology, and other solutions based on the world`s most extensive database for the appraisal and authentication of luxury brand items. If you need expert training in the detection of counterfeit goods, there’s no better place to go than the industry leaders.

Book Your Authenticity Training Today

While developing and perfecting our authenticity techniques over 20 years, we have created a service that can be taught to others looking to provide cast-iron guarantees to their customers. Our service also protects retailers from being scammed themselves.

While our authentication service is only available in Japanese, we are rolling out an English version in the coming months. Therefore, if you would like to register your interest in receiving authentication training or video-link support, simply email [email protected] to speak to a member of our team about your requirements.