Beauty is in the detail – Luxury Authentication Inside the world of luxury authentication

Luxury authentication is one of fashion resale’s most important functions, but it is also among the most secretive and difficult once. The reason why there is a bit of a mystery around authentication is so that counterfeiters can’t improve and learn how to spot a fake product.

All our products are 100% authentic. We have learnt the stringent rules on how to authenticate luxury fashion and accessories over time. The items are inspected carefully by expert authenticators, with more than 20 years of experience and come with a full, lifetime, money back guarantee regarding authenticity.

Authenticators check the following: 

  • Packaging and dustbag, whether the model exist (especially important for vintage items)
  • The shape and materials, stitching (for example, Hermès uses the ‘piqûre sellier’, a diagonal stitch),
  • Irregularities that confirm the item is handmade
  • The typography of the logo (which evolves depending on designer and era)
  •  The metal components, serial number, accompanying paperwork

 …and many more things.

 Our authenticators can answer any questions you may have to an item.

Our authenticators are one of the best in Japan. Therefore, we also offer various services to businesses interested in eliminating counterfeit items from the marketplace, including training, real time web-camera support.

We are a member of the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, and a pioneering provider of patent-pending anti-counterfeiting solutions for luxury brand goods.