Vintage Luxury Bags in Japan; Louis Vuitton and more

It is no secret that Japanese love vintage luxury bags, especially Louis Vuitton. Stroll through Tokyo for one day and you will be convinced that LV bags are one of Japanese women’s favorite accessories, for a good reason.

These bags have stood the test of time, retaining their desirability among luxury fashion aficionados, especially in the Japanese market.

The Rise of Japan’s Vintage Luxury Market

After the inflation took place, Japanese businesses realized that the future of economy lies with the secondhand market, internationally.  Alongside watches, there has been a keen interest in vintage luxury bags such as Chanel, and mostly, Louis Vuitton.

In Japanese culture, the past is seen as something nostalgic which must be appreciated no less than the present. Therefore, old creations hold emotional value.  Japanese also value status a lot.  Since Louis Vuitton is probably the most renowned luxury brand worldwide, it elevates one’s image and brings more prestige.

Why purchase a vintage bag from Japan?

Appreciating old creations and valuing their history, Japanese would go into detail regarding each model. This would mean that they know its exact value depending on things such as age and rarity.

Tokyo is a fashion capital with a vast vintage market even in central areas such as Ginza, the luxury lover’s paradise.  Investing in a Neverfull or classic Monogram from a Japanese seller, would be a great investment: the bag will never lose on value but will always gain in prestige.  You can also get it for the best deal, in its best condition.

The Booming Luxury Vintage Market in Japan

The luxury vintage market in Japan keeps growing and brands such as Louis Vuitton or Chanel, among many others, are very popular. We always receive heartwarming comments by  customers who are more than satisfied with the excellent quality of eLADY items. You may take a more thorough look on our Louis Vuitton collection on our website, all carefully selected by our expert team.