Vintage Accessories For Men

The vintage luxury world is mostly known for the renowned brand bags like Chanel and Fendi, which are very popular among women. Certainly, there is a wide female audience of luxury bag lovers.

However, men would not benefit less from investing in secondhand luxury items. On the contrary, there is a vast variety of items for a male audience as well: from Gucci leather card cases to Burberry King Rings.

Of course, there are many luxury watches as well which have all been classic choices among men: Tag Heuer Chronographs or Automatic Omega Seamasters.  Especially watches have been an all time favorite for male celebrities, including Tom Hanks or Leonardo DiCaprio. But why would a man choose to purchase a vintage luxury brand item, after all?


Occasion specific refinement is not limited to women. Men can also elevate their look in a specific occasion such as a wedding or public event. By owning vintage brand accessories, they can showcase their status while maintaining an eccentric, unique style on a low budget.

Whether it’s a vintage Hermes tie or a classic Cartier Watch, these pieces can make a statement at formal gatherings.

The Collector’s Perspective

Man can be a collector. He enjoys collecting items of a specific kind, and luxury items could be no exception. A collection of vintage luxury items, whether it is Rolex Watches or Luis Vuitton luggage, could be a great hobby that also reflects one’s personal tastes.

Quality Craftsmanship

A lot of appreciation goes in the makers of luxury items. Luxury brands, regardless of gender focus, are known for their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Men who value well made and durable accessories, may be drawn to vintage luxury items for their superior materials that lasted through time.

Vintage luxury accessories lovers can be of all genders, as there is no limit to the appreciation that a classic piece could draw. The high quality Omega watches for example, or a unisex leather Hermes wallet which you will find on eLady, matches no other.